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New Art! Dukes Hotel

By Christopher Weigand, Dec 28 2012 01:21AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I finally got the website back up and running. Ugh they make it so complicated these was keeping me out of the studio but alas now we're back in business. With the holiday break we've got time too to start applying for shows in 2013. I have been able to lay some paint down on several canvases for a few days during the break as well. So be on the look out for some of my latest and greatest pieces for sale.

Today we've got our first hand cut paper piece in the shop. This truly is an out of this world, extraordinary piece of artwork. Titled "Dukes Hotel", it was created by award winning artist Christine Weigand (my wife to boot!). Look closely, it is made up entirely of little pieces of archival grade card stock that she cut out with an x-acto knife!!! I know, I know....crazy right?

This is one of several pieces she's created after traveling to the British Isles a few years ago. Each of the British pieces is beyond compare....If you want a marque piece for your home or collection, you MUST get your hands on one of these. It takes everything we have not to keep them all for ourself, but alas we gotta eat right?

It's about 17" x 22" framed and features UV resistant glass. Take a look in our shop for additional photos of this great piece.

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