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New Art! Metropolitan Portrait #1

By Christopher Weigand, Dec 12 2012 05:39AM

Alright, I figure I need to start adding art to the Store here at I spent some time earlier in the evening cleaning up my studio so I can show some art to a prospective customer tomorrow. While nosing through my boxes of paintings I pulled one out and snapped a couple pics. Not much is going on art wise right now. I've been busy working on finishing off the office space in the studio so time (and uncluttered space) for painting is non existant.

Tonight I'm featuring a painting I did back in 2008 that is still for sale. The title is Metropolitan Portrait #1. It's one of my earlier city scapes. I really like these early abstract city skylines I did. This is one of the few I still have in inventory (the only one maybe).

Its square shape is relatively rare amongst the couple hundred paintings I've made. The size is 24" x 24". It's framed with a black "floater" frame that is about 1.5" thick front to back, so the painting has a nice subtle modern finished edge that has some pressence on a wall.

I like that it's fairly abstract, not too many literal building shapes. This is something I struggle with on contemporary skyline paintings that I'm working on now. On the detail side this painting has some of the first "checkerboard" squares that I've employed in a painting. The orange squares rise up and give a nod to being a building of some sort. You'll also find common, to other paintings, themes such as the wire "X" frames, simple yellow apartment buildings and a few forty-five degree angles. Towards the bottom center you can even see shapes evocative of a baseball statdium in the light stanchions.

The primary focal point, I try to have one in each city scape, is the white taped building in the center. It provides a great contrast to all the warm earth tones surrounding it. It even stands out against the white "sky". Some nice blues shine through the window of this building. Finally, as usual, you'll notice a lot of great texture on this painting. You can see just how I painted paint was added and subtracted with little sticks of wood tools I used, as well as pallet knives.

I really like this painting, and I'm sure you would too. Check it out in our store if you're interested in taking it home. I have the price set at a reasonable $485 plus shipping. Contact me if you have any questions or would to take this piece home with you, so to speak.


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