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New Art Saturday!

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 12 2013 08:05PM

I need a break from painting the family room so I'm throwing some new art up on the Store walls. Today we've got two pieces, one by Christine and one by me.

My painting is from 2007 and is titled "Taste". I really like this painting. I had to goto New York City for work back in 2006 and I took a ton of great photos. Times Square is an incredible place to visit, people watch and take pictures. I'm really happy and proud of this piece. It's really unique compared to many of my other works. The name comes from the truncated steak house sign on the right side of the painting.

Christine's latest piece to grace the pages of Little Grey Cat is titled "Red Door" and was created just last year in 2012. We visited the British Isles in 2007 and there are a ton of cool little doorways. We must've taken two thousand pictures. Many of Christine's coolest pieces of artwork were inspired by this one vacation. With this piece you'll get a flavor of the local old world charm one sees when exploring the byways of England.

Take a look at these pieces and the others in our store. Conctact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by.


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