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New Art Sunday

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 20 2013 05:57PM

Today we've got three great new painting, fresh out of my studio. Take a look in our store to see more photos and to make a purchase.

First up is "Feeding Ducks With Dad". This original acrylic painting measures 16" x 20" and we just love how well the black frame with silver accents finishes the piece off. The image features a colorful city scape including a bridge and river. If you look closely you can see two small figures feeding ducks at river's edge. This piece actually covers up an older unfinished piece, so there is a lot of texture and layers to the painting.

Next up is "Sale". This is a smaller piece at 11" x 14". The unique part of this one is the Rolls Royce I painted. It's sitting outside a store front. It's a fun little piece that would look great on your wall with its black and gold floating frame.

Finally we have "Listen" which is also 11" x 14" and trimmed out in a black and gold floating frame. This cityscape gets its name from the billboard with the namesake word painted on it. This is one of several paintings I've done that feature billboards. Since they are abstract paintings for the most part I generalize the billboard messages as well. In the end every billboard has a lot of images and words typically but they can be summed up in a word or two.

I've got a couple other pieces in progress so stay tuned. Also do me a favor, spread the word and let your friends and family know about the new and improved website. Stay warm, it's cold out there this week, too.


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