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By Christopher Weigand, Apr 10 2017 12:37PM

Hi Art Fans! We have three juried shows that artist Christine will be in this year: Art by the Falls, Boston Mills, and for the first time ever she's in the prestigious Krasl Art Fair in Michigan. "Road trip!" Be sure to mark your calendar and visit Christine at one of these awesome shows. She'll have plenty of new hand cut paper pieces of fine art.

Artist Chris Weigand doesn't have any juried shows or exhibitions planned but he'll still be finding time to visit the studio and paint this year. So if you would like to commission a original painted acrylic piece, he'd love to paint you something for you.

For more information contact Chris at [email protected] or Christine at [email protected]

Have a fantastic spring and save up your money and buy some art this year. We and all artists really appreciate your support.


By Christopher Weigand, Mar 14 2016 06:52PM

Currently you can see Christine's artwork at Broad Spectrum, an exhibit at Sandusky Cultural Center in Sandusky, Ohio, through March 20th.

Also through June 5th stop out at the Nicholson B. White Gallery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio for Shaping Color: Paper & Clay

This Summer both Christine and Chris will be at Boston Mills Artfest - Christine at the first show in June, and Chris the second show in July.

Chris will be at Main Street in Kent: Art and Wine Festival June 4th from 12-10pm, as well as Warehouse District Street Festival August 7th, noon to 8pm

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 27 2015 12:37PM

Day #5 of this artist chain mail challenge. The final day.

"Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same."

The Cityscapes - These abstract cityscapes are the kind of paintings I'm doing now, when I do get into my studio. They're a combination of all the other painting techniques I've played around with for the last ten years. I like to put paint direction the canvas from the paint tube or palette knife, using tape to mask areas off. I then spread the paint with a knife or paper towel, and sometimes remove it with those tools as well to leave a more translucent appearance to areas of the painting.

The wife always enjoys when I add in little "easter eggs" such as people and cars. I like the little last minute details because the encourage the viewer to look up close. My paintings are about keeping your eye moving, and finding interest up close and from far away. I want the viewer physically moving when they explore my paintings: looking, feeling the textures and raw bright colors.

I'm inspired by geometry, asymmetry, balance and color.

#1 "Wish" - 2012 24" x 48" - (sold in 2012, I believe this painting has an unfinished painting underneath that was supposed to go over our fireplace. You can see my little yellow jeep crossing the bridge)

#2 "Washington DC - 2012 14" x 18" - (a commissioned piece. Real cities are difficult to do because I feel like people will call you out if you get something wrong, even in an abstraction)

#3 "Yellow Line" - 2012 11" x 14" - (hangs proudly in my wife's studio because she liked it. The guy talking about his "big fish" outside the bar in particular. He's just below and to the left of the martini glass)

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 26 2015 02:54PM

Day #4 of this artist chain mail challenge

"Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same."

The Other Paintings - As a middle aged artist I get to do whatever the hell I damn well please when it comes to my art. So here are some of the random paintings I've done that don't necessarily fit into a category.

But you will see techniques that pull from my other paintings, and influence future paintings as well. Tomorrow, the last day of the challenge, I'll show three works in my current technique or style.

#1) "Taste" 2007 18" x 24" - (after a visit to Times Square I took a stab at painting it. I learned two things 1) Painting real life can turn out pretty neat and 2) I abhor painting real life though. I don't have the patience and I hate constraint. There were two other paintings in this series, neither of which is likely to ever see the light of day. One will go unfinished and the other is dismal)

#2) "Brazil Flag" November 2010 22" x 28" - (one of nine flags I painted on commission for the House of Praise in Lorain, Ohio. These were a challenge to do as not all flags fit nicely into a 22x28 aspect ratio. You can see I tried to stay true to my technique and to the flags themselves. I believe these are still hanging in their lobby along with a piece of my wife's art as well)

#3) "First Snow" 2008 30" x 48" - (A commissioned piece featuring an abstract forest and the dogs of the family that commissioned the piece)

By Christopher Weigand, Jan 25 2015 05:53PM

Day #3 of this artist chain mail challenge

"Post three of your works for five days and nominate another person to do the same."

The Stripe Paintings - what happens when you sit in front of the TV tracing out 1/4" lines on a blank canvas, and then cover it all up with acrylic paint? These awesome stripe paintings of course. I'm not sure what got me started doing these but I'd never seen anything like them before. Oftentimes people think they are tape, wood or old magazines but alas they're just paint. That being said, I'd love to experiment with creating wood and paper versions someday. Since I started making them I have seen wood versions on Etsy and Pinterest, so there's something there.

These are probably my favorite paintings to do because I never know what they'll look like until they are done. I limit myself to certain colors and use a palette knife to apply the paint. They are very textural. Often times there will be a painting underneath them that never got to see the light of day. Stripe paintings are a good, therapeutic way to cover up bad art.

They have not found much success commercially, but I think they're awesome. Here are three of my favorites.

#1 - "Stripe #5" - 2013 48" x 72" (This huge painting lives in our foyer. It's likely my favorite piece I've ever done)

#2 - "Strip #6" - March 2014 36" x 36" (Sits in storage in my studio. Another favorite of mine)

#3 - "Rainforest" - May 2009 ~16" x ~20" (one of my earliest stripe paintings)

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