Fine Art and Crafts

Christine Weigand

It all started with a scrapbook.  Not satisfied with the stock die cut shapes available in stores, artist Christine said "what if" and with that she started cutting out clip art out of card stock.  Then she said it again and next thing you know she was using her photos of her little grey cat.


Her art has won numerous awards as well as the hearts and minds of countless admirers.  Each image is comprised of layered and inset card stock, meticulously cut out by hand using an x-acto knife.  She goes through a lot of blades.  A typical cut piece of card stock looks not too unlike a delicate piece of lace.  She then has one shot to glue it down.  Mess it up and dozens of hours of work could be down the drain.


When she's not ruining her eyesight staring at little pieces of paper she can be found wandering around the yard, visiting a zoo or traveling the world with her camera in hand.  Her favorite subjects for her art include interesting architecture, flowers, animals and of course cats (though she'll do a dog here and there).