Fine Art and Crafts

Christopher Weigand

Painting is a creative release from the hectic day to day chores, tasks and responsibilities.  For Chris it's an opportunity to partner with paint, canvas and tools until the image emerges and the painting says it is complete.  It's a process that is additive and subtractive at times, all meant to be more than the sum of  its parts.


The geometric shapes found in many of his paintings were first inspired by the agricultural fields previlant in the central part of North America, as seen from an airplane.  Back on terra firma inspiration is derived from the natural and man made shapes that break up the horizon...trees, landscapes and city skylines.  The earth and it colors is a strong influence as well.


Few of his paintings are of actual subjects, rather his imagination and eye rule the day.  Much satisfaction is derived in the process of painting something imagined in a world dominated by other's opinions, needs and directive.  The painting process is a nurturing process between art and artist.


Any impliment in the studio is fair game to help add, or take simple acrylic paint from substrate.  Most paintings are on canvas, but many can be found on environmentally friendly hard board.


Enjoy this selection of his work which is enjoyed by patrons the world over.